Hi there!

We are a Dutch brand that produces handmade intimates and jewellery, and we are proud of it! Every single item will be made with care, love and joy. All items are personally produced in our founder's studio in Eindhoven.


When talking about lingerie, we believe that what you wear so close to your body should help you stay healthy. Based on this belief, we created underwear that helps keep your body healthy and tells this story with it's print.

This print turned into the jewellery series of An Intimate Story. The Circle and Ring series represent breast tissue, which the top and body help keep firm. The Bacterium earring represents the bacteria that the intimates collection help keep in balance. This is the base of a woman's intimate health. 



Lingerie influences a woman’s body. Most women wear it directly on the most sensitive parts of their skin, without knowing exactly how it affects them. With the project ‘An Intimate Story’ I want to make women aware of the intimate parts of their bodies. It aims to teach women that their intimate parts are completely natural, how they function, and how you should take care of them. The video brings this story to life in an abstract way, while the lingerie brings the solution: healthy sets that will help women take care of their intimate parts. The lingerie is made of natural fibres, and the pattern shows its influence on your body.